What to wear.

I hate summer clothes. Truth is, they just don’t make nice fitting summer garments for my body type. I don’t love tank tops, or shorts really, So I have taken a hiatus from blogging looks until glorious fall comes back with all the layers and jackets I can binge on. Shorts are just a story in it of themselves. Why can’t all the designers get together and decide on a standard of size, even within the same brand !? Seems like they are just pointing with a blindfold on and saying ” ok we are going to call this a size 12″ when I can’t get my calf through it.  I’ll wear jeans in 112 degree weather. Has been like that forever but I’m just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl come to find out. I great really excited about demin, and anything black and grey. I found myself sorting through Tj Maxx a month ago only skimming to black and grey things. I hope turning 30 didn’t completely wash out me wearing color, or maybe it just filtered my bullshit so I would wear what I want. Turning 30 means I don’t have to wear 4 inch heels anymore. My feet don’t seem to agree with heels even though they are soooo pretty to look at. There’s just a rush that comes on with putting on a great pair of heels. Maybe it’s the rush of blood out of my feet from standing on my tippy toes but GAWD it makes me feel powerful ( up until the 5 min mark where I’m basically limping) but after buying like 6 pairs of really tall heels this year, I found that I can’t justify wearing them…ever. So 2 inches and under will be my speed, with a t-shirt and jeans. A soft jersey knit tee…. I could buy hundreds of them. 

I’d really like to make my own t-shirts…..

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I am a photographer, a writer and a travel/fashion addict.

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