Fashion Crush – Ulyana Sergeenko

I have fallen in love with style icon and Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko. It was love at first site really. Now before you start thinking I mean something else, I mean I have fallen in love with her style. What she wears is the epitome of femininity and class with a quirky twist. She has definitely channeled an old world feel in her looks and own designs with bringing in strong lines that give the vintage version a run for its money. She’s brought fashion to a whole new standard and the best part of it is that her looks aren’t always crazy couture things you could never find. Her looks as timeless, romantic and classic but still very fresh in a fashion era where people are just trying too hard to be different.

Streetstyle in Paris fashion Week 2013-14

With taste so good, she would need to design her own clothes. And she does. Check out her latest couture collection. So sensual, sleek, and playful at the same time without being overly sexy. It’s a mimic of 1930’s Russian with a train station-esque theme. The use of color is very subtle and demure and the silhouettes are perfectly feminine, rebirthing a vintage era into 2014 so elegantly. Her fabric choices are also perfect, the quality in which they move on a woman’s body rivals my favorite other designer Elie Saab. I’m such a huge fan.




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