Haute Girl of the Week – Cassandra Castaneda

Today we feature Cassandra : The wife, mom, talented photographer and encourager. Cassandra has agreat head on her shoulders and a great sense of style. She has an amazing new blog for momma’s that don’t want to lose their identity in the hussle and bustle of motherhood. I’ve had the pleasuer of knowing her for many years and she is such a positive person to be around, not to mention I envy everything she wears.

The Haute Girl of the Week | Thehautegirl.com

Name: Cassandra

Age: 29

Profession: Photographer & Stay-at-home-Mommy

The Haute Girl of the Week | Thehautegirl.com

Your favorite designer: Oscar De la Renta & Kate Spade

What are a few words that describe your style? Always-overdressed, Ever-Changing.

The Haute Girl of the Week | Thehautegirl.com

What is your favorite feature about your body and style ( outer beauty) ? Why? My Freckles, Even though they have faded, I still love the freckles that cover my nose.

What is your favorite thing about yourself ( inner beauty ) Why? I don’t box myself in to any one ‘style’ and I don’t follow rules. If I feel great it in, I’ll wear it – whether it be an expensive designer piece or awesome thrifted-find. I am oober sensitive, which means I have a lot of compassion for people.

The Haute Girl of the Week | Thehautegirl.com

Describe a time you overcame bad self image? I think struggling with self-image can be on-going. Whether it be when we are young & searching for ourselves or later in life post-pregnancy, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are underneath it all & can be difficult to embrace who we are at exact moment in our life. It’s important to surround ourselves with uplifting people, who really love us – That’s where I gain my confidence.

For women reading this, what is a piece of encouragement you can offer them today? My job has allowed me to photograph many beautiful women, and I can easily say we all struggle with self-image, even those jaw-dropping beauties struggle with insecurities. I think we, as women, need to encourage and love each other which will, in-turn, produce more self-love.

The Haute Girl of the Week | Thehautegirl.com

Whats your favorite quote? I’m not interested in competing with anyone, I hope we all make it – Erica Cook.


Do you know an amazing women that promotes positive body image and has amazing fashion sense? Please contact thehautegirl@gmail.com to submit.

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