Dark Secret

Today’s Look. It’s so hilarious being in front of the camera after so many years shooting other people. It’s like I forget that people do this for me everyday and suddenly I am A LOT more sympathetic. I have quite literally two pictures of myself that I like. One pic my husband took of me when we were in Turkey and I look super skinny, and another selfie I took one day when I was having an awesome curly hair day ( that for some reason never returns when I wear it curly!)  Anyway, after today I now have 10. I love this outfit because 1. I would love to rock a fur year round and 2. I love to wear black lately. Not because big girls only look good in dark colors but because I freaking love black. This is also my new favorite lipstick – I even wear it with sweats ( not entirely true, but if I knew people wouldn’t look at me funny I would. ) I feel like a freaking celebrity in this outfit, clothes really can change how you feel about yourself. I still need to get the guts to wear this in public. In Kansas city it’s the perfect outfit because the weather has a mood disorder. 80 degrees in the afternoon and snowfall that night ( no seriously – it happens … a lot).  I think I’m going to wear it to bed tonight.


Glasses : Prada
Black Fur Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg
Crochet Lace Top: Dulcie
Skort : Target
Gold Pumps: Sam Edelman
Ring : Target
Earrings: J crew
Retro Bustier: Body Glove
Purse: DKNY
Dark Lipstick : Mac – Diva

Photos by the wonderful Cassandra Castaneda – thanks for making me look like a babe.

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I am a photographer, a writer and a travel/fashion addict.

2 thoughts on “Dark Secret

  1. I love this look! You look beautiful! I’ve been on the hunt for some dark lipstick, can’t wait to hit up the MAC store tomorrow.

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