The Trick to Understanding a Creative Person

I shared this on my other blog – but as fashion people are creatives I thought this would be something a lot of people could relate to.

I’m a hyper person. Not in a bad way necessarily. Normally hyper has a bad connotation of someone who can’t sit still or a has too much energy. I wouldn’t consider to be hyper for those reasons per say  – but more because of the way my mind works. You see, to be a hyper person I think has the same meaning as to be a very creative person. The base word of creative is to “create”. Often times the frustrations in my life are related to not being able to create. When I have to be stagnant and wait when my creative energy is bursting outside of me like hot lava and to feel whole, I need to make or do whatever it is that I’m feeling inspired by.

It’s compulsive almost, obsessive. I might see a color and suddenly have an idea for an editorial shoot, or hear a song that gives me an idea for a video I want to make, or travel somewhere that makes me want to uproot my life to live there, even if I had only been there a couple of days. When a creative person is inspired, get the hell out of their way. This energy is like the need for water or food. People call it controlling…. such a negative word to me. People ascertain that we are frustrated because we can’t have control over something as if it was more related to some evil maniacal thirst for power, rather than innate dying need to be creative and see the vision through. 
We live to create. When we can’t put that “hyper” creative energy to good use we feel empty, sometimes it can be depressing. And then we’ll find a song that perfectly orchestrates our mood, so we can be inspired to get out of our sulk. I gather this is the reason behind emo music. We likely always have too much on our plates for a reason, because of that deep need to create something new over and over again. I know there are others out there like me. People tell us we change our minds a lot, or we have too many interests, or we want too many things, or have too many ideas…or we dream too big. But let me give you some valuable insight to how our minds work. It’s like scrolling through pinterest or a high fashion magazine and seeing every single photograph, scanning it throughly and filing it away in an idea vault in our brain for another time. We revisit it all the time but maybe don’t do anything with it right away. We take it out, look at it, think of ways it can work in our creative cloud but will put it back most times. Mental hoarding. So those ideas have been in the back of our mind silently for a while, maybe a week, maybe a couple of years and at the most random moments, inspiration will strike and we pull from those files – sometimes really old files, knowing exactly the thoughts we dedicated to it prior and expand on them so wildly fast into an idea that had been born, expanded, and planned in a matter of minutes to the outsider. However what most don’t see is the background of time that idea has been resonating with us. It seems flighty, or random – but it’s not. It has been thought about actually for longer than some might believe. When it has been presented to the outsider, some tell us why it won’t work. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t. Very often we don’t. We just do it and people ask how, but a lot of times we aren’t sure. We just did it because we thought we could. Until we find the right people who will support and believe in our vision, it might seem like we change our mind a lot because we are looking for a way to make those ideas happen. And the people who support and push us, really make those things come alive. 
But either way, we are constantly seeking to create so from the outside it might look fickle or unstable – but from the inside we knew the steps and time it took to get to the point to actually tell someone our idea that we have been carefully researching, mood boarding, pinning, writing, drawing, or planning about. We are quick thinkers, our thoughts are often fast-moving but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thoughtful.  We are EXTREMELY thoughtful. Often privately consumed with our thoughts, working and reworking and idea or plan until we have worked out all the kinks ( and sometimes the failures) and have moved on to the next idea, something we will flesh out until something works. 
We aren’t usually afraid to share our ideas usually because it gives us some excitement, some commitment to see those things through. But we understand that when we come to a non- creative with new ideas all the time, a lot of which , haven’t worked – we know how that looks. Sometimes it keeps us from sharing , sometimes it keeps us from trying. But let me say that everyone is a creative – just some ignore their creativity for fear of failure.
We often see things that inspire us and feel overwhelmed when we don’t know how to express that inspiration from ourselves. The urge to create is so strong we are constantly looking to do new things, meet new people, start new jobs, new projects looking for the way we can create. It’s like an itch but it’s not unstable, because when we do find that thing that makes our heart full, that gives inspiration and an outlet for our creative energy ….we thrive. We don’t just thrive , we blow past our limitations and do things we maybe never imagined.
The sad part is that it’s only in the “successful” creations that we ever get credit for the secret multi faceted hyper personality disorder that is going on in our minds every waking hour of the day. And when we fail, usually very publicly, everyone sees a person that can’t hold on to a job, another illusion gone awry, many unfinished projects, or a high gamble that we lost. It’s only then that people want to call up our other failures and shove them in our face to say “Look see! Your idea didn’t work”. It hurts because they don’t understand that we aren’t afraid to fail. In our eyes, a failed idea isn’t a failure – it’s just one step closer to us knowing ourselves, and pushing past our limitation to find something that does work.  To us it’s a deep failure not to try. It’s a massive gamble to live safely. Routine is arguably dangerous because it steals the happiness from our souls that allow us to do what we know we were put on this earth to do… 

We are creators. That is our high, our drug, our fix. To be stifled, is like going through withdraw. So while we might look “hyper” we are just making the path for our next creation.

So if you have a family member, friend, student , teacher, co-worker, that is a creative… don’t be so quick to logically break them down from what you hear from them on the outside. Be patient with them because their minds are constantly developing new beautiful enigma’s they can figure out to fulfill their daily, hourly, every second need … to create. 

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