So do you want to be featured as “The Haute Girl of the Week” ?


I truly believe that sometimes, we as women, don’t support each other enough. We compare, we envy, we put down, we compete. I hate the phrase ” Real Women have curves ” because we all know if you aren’t sporting a certain type of “curve” down under, it’s safe to say you are a real woman. While this blog will likely appeal to curvier types because we are underrepresented in the fashion /beauty industry – it does not exclude those that are super thin. It’s not a competition. We don’t need to put ourselves in categories all the time to feel relevant. Thin, thick, short, fat, dark, light, limbless, whatever – are ALL beautiful and are of value in our own special way. We ALL have something to offer the world that makes it a ” Hautter” place ( sorry, is that one a stretch? ) Ok a more ” Be-you-ti-full” place.  I LOVE the quote that Erica Cook said ” I’m not interesting in competing with anyone, I hope we all make it. ”


So that follows perfectly into what I wanted for this blog. Once a week I will be featuring an amazing woman who has not only amazing style and beauty but an inner awesomeness that shines and encourages others. My goal is that every week a new face will be a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to other women that will be able to identify with her interview. A space where we can encourage and be encouraged in our ” Hauteness.” My very first Hauttie will be posted tomorrow night! I’m so excited for this journey of loveliness. If you know someone that deserves to be noticed, tell her to email with the subject line ” Haute girl of the week”. It might take a few weeks to respond as there will only be 4 girls chosen a month.

Can’t wait!

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I am a photographer, a writer and a travel/fashion addict.

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