What a powerful video

I teared up watching this. I’m excited about more and more videos, songs, media coming forward to support woman and their natural beauty and character. We are so hard on ourselves all the time. The pressure is just incredible this idea that our worth is some how tied to our physical attributes.

Just beautiful.


What to wear.

I hate summer clothes. Truth is, they just don’t make nice fitting summer garments for my body type. I don’t love tank tops, or shorts really, So I have taken a hiatus from blogging looks until glorious fall comes back with all the layers and jackets I can binge on. Shorts are just a story in it of themselves. Why can’t all the designers get together and decide on a standard of size, even within the same brand !? Seems like they are just pointing with a blindfold on and saying ” ok we are going to call this a size 12″ when I can’t get my calf through it.  I’ll wear jeans in 112 degree weather. Has been like that forever but I’m just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl come to find out. I great really excited about demin, and anything black and grey. I found myself sorting through Tj Maxx a month ago only skimming to black and grey things. I hope turning 30 didn’t completely wash out me wearing color, or maybe it just filtered my bullshit so I would wear what I want. Turning 30 means I don’t have to wear 4 inch heels anymore. My feet don’t seem to agree with heels even though they are soooo pretty to look at. There’s just a rush that comes on with putting on a great pair of heels. Maybe it’s the rush of blood out of my feet from standing on my tippy toes but GAWD it makes me feel powerful ( up until the 5 min mark where I’m basically limping) but after buying like 6 pairs of really tall heels this year, I found that I can’t justify wearing them…ever. So 2 inches and under will be my speed, with a t-shirt and jeans. A soft jersey knit tee…. I could buy hundreds of them. 

I’d really like to make my own t-shirts…..

Mary Kate Olsen’s Obscene Engagement ring

And by obscene I mean totally gorgeous. I’m somehow just now seeing this and I LOVE it. A vintage Cartier stunner that I just might need to find a way to redesign my ring like that! The girl had got serious style and finger strength to flaunt that bowling ball on her petite little hand. I love the art deco sense about it and the yellow gold – I die. Something truly unique and one of a kind. Find out more about MK’s fashionable engagement HERE.